November 12, 2010

Am I even allowed to like something I made this much?







  1. Oh OH OH! I am once again going to have to buy new glasses and clean the screen as I smashed my face into it trying to get a closer look( No I wasn't licking the screen even though those are yummy....That's my story and I'm stickin to it)

    Remember I have Twix and would love to travel!


  2. Is there stronger words than incredible, awesome, stunning??? I am in awe!

  3. Absolutely stunning!
    Love them all=)

    Kat xx

  4. You've out done yourself Juls! These crosses are beautiful. I see you put 2 of them on Etsy. If you decide to part with the red one, or the one with the big blue spots, I'd love to purchase!
    I give one of my friends a cross every year for Christmas. And while I like the tradition I've started, I'd also like to make something just for her - but I don't want to stop the cross tradition. Your crosses are the first ones I've seen that I really like.
    OOOOOOOOH! While I'm typing this you are adding crosses to Etsy!!! See ya later, I'm goin' shopping!!

  5. Awesome! These are lovely and so unique - I haven't seen anyone do that shape in lampwork before!

    And crap - just noticed someone bought the bird bead I wanted off your Etsy shop. Darn it!

  6. I am in love. I hope I make enough profit at my show tomorrow to be able to go shopping in your etsy...I want it all! but I def want a cross...and a bird...and some focals....and rounds....and...and...


  7. Juls, your skill and your creativity triumph again! Beautiful crosses!

  8. Oh my these are such pretties! I would love to own a few of these! GORGEOUS!