October 22, 2010

Mama needed a change.

By mama I mean me.  And by change I mean you are probably now blind due to all of this unexpected bloggy brightness*.  Sorry about that.

Bling Bling, baby!

*Unless you are new, in which case you wouldn't know this page was the color of moonless midnight yesterday, so you probably just assume based on the above post that crazy lives here.  Which means I like you already.


  1. My thought when I pulled up your blog early this morning was "Who turned on the lights?" LOL I dig the newer brighter gig! I think it's classy and honestly, makes your beads POP!

    BTW, I LOVE the bling bling bead there. I think you should name it Sparklebutt! :D

    Congrats on the new layout! It's quite the professional appearance.


  2. I WAS temporarily blinded. I was waiting for the page to download...then realized it had. I like it.
    Bead happy!

  3. "Blinded by the light..."

    What? You KNOW I HAD to go there!

  4. I love it. Matches your sparkling personality. And I don't have to cut and paste it into a Word doc in order to read it ;-)
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Don't ask me I'm just here for your sparkling personality and eye candy I don't mind wearing sunglasses! (Just Kidding) LOL


  6. I noticed the make-over! right away- i knew it was not a blunder. I like it- It makes me want o re-think mine! alas, a few more weeks of crazy on mine will do for now :)

  7. WOW - I'm with Dawn - Who turned on the lights? I'm loving the new look! Bling Bling is wonderful too!