September 30, 2010

Christmas will be here in like 30 minutes, so I think I'll start working on my Holiday Line now.

About this Cuff:

The Light Within was brought to life with a feeling of understated elegance that also affords an unexpected spark of brilliance.

The focal stone is a preset square Vintage Swarovski.  The frame around the crystal is entirely self supported by 3 dimensional layers of stitched seed beads that are secured to the ultrasuede on the bottom of the focal.

I know that normal most people tend to think of red and green when it comes to Christmas, and when it comes to my Christmas tree I'm all over that.  Unless we are talking about my Pink tree.  Which we aren't.   So let's talk Purple!

I love everything about Christmas.  I love wrapping pretty packages that I know will delight those I love.  I love opening pretty packages of delight from those who love me back.  I love baking and decorating and hanging lights outside.  I love how easily and quickly people smile at each other for no reason.  I love the wonder in my own a child's eyes as they search the sky for an invisible sleigh that doesn't physically exist and yet is always there. 

What I love most is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is the heart and soul of Christmas for me~ having a special day to acknowledge the beginning of the gift that made my salvation possible. 

I think of purple as the color of royalty and I can think of no better use for it than to allow it to be my creative reminder of Christ's presence in my life, especially during the season in which his birth is acknowledged.

And that is why we are talking purple, because every piece in my Christmas holiday line has always contained at least one purple bead.  Except for this cuff, which obviously contains the hide of a purple cow.


I was recently invited to join a spectacular community of artists and crafters, and I think you will enjoy having a look around as well.  I'm pretty sure they won't send the boogeyman to your house if you don't join, but then what do I know? 

It's probably a moot point anyway because there is so much to see and read that you'll join as quickly as I did and then send me homemade lasagna as thanks for hooking you up.

Well check that out~  My name's on the link and errthang.  Too bad they won't be sending me a check with my name on it as well.



  1. I am so udderly and completely drooling over the purple cow... I JUST LOVE IT! What's the focal stone? Girl... Baby Daddy ought to bring you presents like this! It'd be so much more appreciated!


  2. I would love to wear the hide of a purple cow like this one! I agree with Dawn if Baby Daddy brought you presents like these he would have his own condo!


  3. I love Christmas for all the same reasons. And especially to celebrate the Birth of Christ.
    Purple it is then! I think that is a wonderful tribute to the season. Now if I could just get those elves I ordered to start making things and making merry and all those elf-ish sort of things...

    I am thinking of joining that hive. Because you know my past history with bees and that means it is meant to be. And to be in the same crafty hive as you and Miss Margot Potter? Well that makes me a very happy bee indeed.

    Enjoy the day, lovely lady!

  4. I love, love purple, and the darker the better. That cuff is gorgeous. And well, I think purple is good anytime of year, but that makes me think Advent. And Advent is kind of what Christmas is about.

  5. Wow - I just found your blog and it was such a pleasure reading your posts. You bring out smiles with your writing. But it´s so so hard to read the text on black background... Just wanted to let you know. I´m sorry...

  6. Juls, the cuff is gorgeous!! I'm heading over to check out the hive now;~)

  7. Dang Girl! You make some great Pretties! Oh, and thanks for invite to the hive, I'm lovin' it! I can't send Lasagna that far, but there will be SLMPetersen in your future!