August 19, 2010

A little rubbin' goes a long way.

If that title made you read this then you should know I am resisting the urge to yell "HEY PERV!" in your general direction right now, and that makes me positive that you are my kinda people.

Here are a few new focals inspired by the concept of Worry Stones.  I don't really like the term worry stones, so we'll just translate that to Julispeak and make it Thinking Stones...K?

I've added spiral impressions to one or both sides that create a textural playground for fidgety fingers ~ making them as functional as they are beautiful. 



  1. OK So What I'm a PERV! And I so need a "thinkin glass" for my self! Ya know cuz I need all the help I can get! I so love the tree backdrop too!
    Humm......pretty beads, tree backdrop, cocotini, good friend that might just do it!


  2. I admit it, I am a Perv too!!!! Juls those Thinking Glass are so beautiful! I love the brown bead with the turquoise running through it, though all of them are yummy.

  3. You are too funny! Wonderful beads!! Love love want want!

  4. love the thinking glass - i call my pieces (not glass, but same purpose) touch stones - in the literal and figurative senses...

  5. yea...i like 'thinking glass' better too. hate those negative waves from worrying too much. love the special touch of the spot for extra rubby-rubbies. you are my kind of people too, ya know?
    enjoy the day!

  6. Dern it - apparently I'm a perv, too.

    Oh, and I like the one in the upper right hand corner bestest. Although, with the amount of worry (okay, thinking) I have right now, I'm thinkin' I need a bigger one.

    Like, size of a house big. Will that fit in your kiln?

  7. Perv...yeah.. I fit

    Gorgeous all but I really like the one in the upper lefthand corner.