August 15, 2010

All Buttoned Up

Some buttons are simply functional~ like the ones we fasten to keep our private bits private.
Some buttons are wicked stylalicious~ like the ones we use to create with or represent those creations:

Julsbeads' Butt Un
Feel free to grab it!


And then there are those buttons that don't exist that maybe should exist.  You know about those, right?  The ones we wish we could push whilst screaming DO OVER! 

I accidentally decided to make some quick changes to my blog this morning, and 2 hours into it part of me would like to find THAT button.

Still.  Wider screen.  Bigger Werdz.  Squee!

So bear with me while I rearrange the room, K? 

And try to ignore the smell.


  1. I have a new button on my blog! You should so check this one out! I love this blogger she is fantastical!!!!!!


  2. Juls that new button is the bomb! That is a button I could hit over and over again. I will grab it later because right now I am off to enamel some more bowls in our new enameling kiln. I am sooooo freaking excited that we have it in our studio now - though mom's electric bill won't be that exciting when we get it :)
    Take care and have a great rest of the weekened!!!!!

  3. Nice Butt Un. {Insert whistle here}

    You my dear are the hot topic on my blog this morning! Just wanted to share a linky with you!


  4. Yo chickywicky...
    If you need help on widening your blog, drop me a line...
    I'd rather save you time so you can make more drool-worthy beads!
    Lori Pickles