July 8, 2010

My inner child needs some beach sand between her toes.


This isn't the kind of thing I want cluttering up my world, let alone my blog, but hey...y'all...there's a person on the other end of these words.  A person who is sitting over here trying to prevent that 1 negative from outweighing 100 positives.  A person who makes a conscious effort to focus on the good but in this case feels the need to acknowledge the not so good.

Someone who purchased a random group of orphans emailed to let me know that she was disappointed in them.    Honest feedback is always appreciated, and I am grateful for hers.  I am also thankful that she contacted me directly.

Still?  Ouch baby, very ouch.  Mostly because there wasn't any specific constructive criticism.  Was it the colors?  Imperfectly matched sizing?  But they were orphans. I said the sizes varied.  And there was a PICTURE:

This feeling right here?
G-R-O-D-Y to the max.



  1. If she sends them back, can I buy them? Purty please? I love them! I think the colors are faboo! And I do adore orphans. Mostly because I am so un-matchy-matchy. Just as soon as this gallery exhibit opens and I get a little moola in my pocket, I will be buying orphans faster than Brangelina or Madonna!
    Have I told you lately that you rock, Miss Juls?
    Enjoy the day!

  2. you can't please everyone, unfortunately.....if those beads in the pic are the ones she was complaining about, in my opinion she is crazy ! they look beautiful to me, and even if I couldn't use them in the same project, there would be endless other ways to use as singles
    you were honest with her in your description of the beads....so please don't feel bad its her bad, not yours

  3. Ouch Baby! I don't know how anyone could be disappointed, I am sitting here drooling (my poor keyboard) and anyone lucky enough to purchase any of your pretties is well.....LUCKY!!! I have already missed my fav orphan pack (as I have reminded my hubby many times!) and I don't intend for that to happen again! As I think I told you before the next time I visit your shop "I AM CARTING!!!!"

    You so totally ROCK Juls!


  4. Not good at all. Sorry to hear about that, but I LOVE your beads and if I was rich you know where my money would be...in your pocket because I would have ALL your beads. Yes, I am greedy.
    You the best girl and don't let her get you down!

  5. On a positive note, I LOVE the beads I recently purchased from you. I did not jump on the orphan band wagon (haven't had time to shop!), but I picked up some of your fabulous $10 focals, and some matching sets. They are more gorgeous in person. And if that weren't enough, you threw in a set to match one of the focals! I was so surprised and happy when I got my package, which arrived very fast too!! And the care you go to when you pack the beads! It was like Christmas or my birthday, opening all the little packages.
    I loved it! and I think your beads are wonderful!!
    Stay positive. The picture and description was clear. Maybe the buyer needs a new computer monitor.

  6. I can't believe anyone could be disappointed in your work. I LOVE your beads! They are all so gorgeous I have a hard time picking. I would be COMPLETELY broke if I bought all that I wanted;~) Don't let this one person get you down. Your too good for that.

  7. Tell her if she stuffs em' up her nose, she'll get a better feel for sizing & description;)

    *evil laugh*

  8. I'm sure you've heard it said that you're not successful until you've started receiving criticism. It sucks, but it's true, so looking at it that way, um, yay?

    Okay maybe not yay, but for the record I can't figure out what her problem might have been either - those beads are darned pretty.

  9. geez your a fab bead maker/designer plus you have a beach? No a nice thing to point out to us land locked people!All thou we are flooding pretty badly here so does that count as my beach? :o)

    You can't be perfect to all people 100% of the time. BWIW I think those beads rawk just like all the others you make.

    Have fun at the beach & don't let it bring you down.

  10. I want to buy you all private islands made of beads.


    Thanks so much for taking time to respond~ You guys really are the precious~ and you should each have an email waiting in your inboxes.

    I love y'all, man!

  11. Awww buck up little camper... your beads are wonderful and looking at the photo I can't fault them. Are you allowed to share with us what she wasn't happy about?

    Anyhooo I think your beads are fabulous and you are pretty darn fabulous too so all is good!


  12. some folk are just slightly touched is all/ it's not personal/ perhaps that was the lesson for you/perhaps she simply changed her mind/ your work is still beautiful- and now the "orphans" have had an adventure!

    big love, May

    p.s. you are also the precious. :)

  13. p.s. I want a private island made of beads!

  14. Hey lovely lady, I just had a flick through the feedback on your Etsy shop and the following words kept popping out at me..."beautiful", "gorgeous", "amazing", "out of this world", "OMG", "perfect"...and I even spotted a "gorgeousest" :-) This negative feedback is just a tiny drop in the ocean of good, honey.

    Chin up, we all know that you're awesome and so are your beads!

  15. That comment is why crackheads should not be allowed to buy beads.

    I would take those beads in a heartbeat - look at all the purpley goodness!

    Oh, and I'd be happy to send you a packet of gen-u-wine So Cal beach send. Just lemmee know ;-)

  16. Is she cwazy man? I tell ya, some people.....