July 9, 2010

It's a good thing they are cute, because everything I put on makes me look like a Shar-pei.


5am:  So THAT's where the ironing board is.  I might as well get the wrinkles out while I torch.  (erect board, toss pile of clothes on, head out to studio)

7am: Huh. I guess it takes longer to do its thing.
(look skeptically at still very wrinkled pile of clothes)

11am:  Damn.  STILL not finished?
(glare at lazy ironing board and make a tomato sandwich)

1pm:  (&*#@!)
(fold up broken ironing board and shove it back in the closet.)


Me, right about now.



  1. Oh the dreaded ironing!! I hate it!!!!! I still do it cuz mama raised me that way but I hate it!!!! (and those stupid shirts feel so much better ironed!) Curse you awful ironing board, let Juls get back to making pretties!!!!!


  2. OMG...you have no idea how hard I am laughing as I'm picturing MY ironing board at home. Where it has been sitting in my room...with a pile of clothes, magazines and a suitcase on it.

    Since March.

    Yeah, there's a reason I TRY to buy as much wrinkle-free clothing as possible.

    And the rest of the time, I am with you in Sharpei-land.

  3. Shame on that mean ole ironing board for not ironing those clothes like it was supposed to!!! I do still use mine regularly but I'm also still working a 9 to 5 job in a law firm so the Shar-pei look wouldn't fly.

  4. I also hate ironing, i tend to get my lovely hubby to do some, and i find people quite mad when they say they like ironing, i wonder why,

  5. Darn those ironing boards! They never work like they should!

  6. Inam with "Spirited Earth"- what IS ironing? I NEVER Iron a thing- never. Sharpeis and wrinkled clothes/so lovely and mysterious- well I don't buy clothes that wrinkle- that is how I roll and thus never Iron- :) it's a good way to live. :)

  7. Four words: Downey Wrinkle Release, baby. Spritz, shake, ta da!
    That and the drycleaner.

    I bought an iron 4 years ago - it's still in the box. Iron is one of my marital non negotiables -- as in, I don't do it, ever.

  8. just about everything i own is wash & wear. Drying racks are invaluable...then just use a spray bottle with a 1/4 cup downy then filled the rest of the way with water...spritz your clothes and toss in the dryer for 5 minutes...and TA-DA!
    Have a fantabulous weekend!

  9. Uuuhhh don't freak out. I love to iron. EEEEEKKKK does this make me more crazy than I think I am??