June 2, 2010

Unless you guess someone other than me, you silly silly rabbit.

We've had a summer shower every day for the last week.  And by shower I mean torrential downpour complete with blazing lightning and booming thunder so loud it will restart your heart right after it stops it.

Now before you call me a hater, know that I love a good rainstorm.   It's just that my shiny shack out back?  It's metal.  And that torch I work on?  It's metal, too.  As a matter of fact pretty much everything is metal, and sitting out there ignoring lightning is like telling God to Bring It On! while giving Him the finger.

There comes a time where stubborn loses out to not ready to die, and if I hadn't been rushed to get out of dodge during one of these storms, I might have noticed the tiny hole where a surface air bubble popped leaving a blemish on this piece of glass that I otherwise utterly love.

Doncha dig my mad arrow drawing skillz?

I'll give you 3 guesses who now gets to make her own bad self a necklace, and the second 2 don't count.


  1. Ahh Juls, you make me smile. I am glad you were smart enough to get the hell out of dodge during the lightning storm. Me likes you in one piece girl.
    Love the focal, even if does have a bubble!

  2. Ok so tempting fate is not a good idea but if you call this piece flawed then I say bring it on! Art is not flawless its individual (ok I made that up but I would love a piece of yours even if it was flawed) :) love ya Juls

  3. Make lemonade Juls! I would take your lemons any day. Enjoy the day!
    P.S. How's the secret project coming for me?

  4. OK so I must be blind. I don't see a hole any where!!!
    Nice that you get to have a new necklace. It is pouring rain, wind, hail, wind, marine layer, and oh did I mention the WIND???
    I just blogged about your beads.

  5. i'm with beadwright..where is that bubble..we need arrows..
    sorry you're having storms..it's HOT here..not leaving the AC hot.

  6. @Beth,Thank ya sista!

    @Kristen, great quote. :D

    @Erin, I'll shoot you an email.

    @Nicole, thanks so much for the great write up!

    @SP, It's hot here as well...also incredibly humid after the daily rain.

    I updated the photo in the post with an arrow. ;)

  7. I hate bubbles - they are the bane of my existence. Okay, probly worse in lampworking than in my silly resin crap, but still! It's too bad there's no way to drill that hole a bit, slap a crystal or CZ into or something and seal it. And tell me why it's always the BEST piece that you TOTALLY LOVE that gets the bubble? WHY?

  8. Ain't it the truth, KJ? The only thing that could be worse is doing the exact same thing when trying to get it right a second time.

    Which is what I just did. DOH.