June 12, 2010

So good it'll make you smack your mama.

I was up at o'dark thirty this morning packaging and printing and wishing I could just crawl back into bed.  Instead I preservered and finished up the work week and made it to the post office all before 9 am.

Preserverance pays and if you get there early enough sometimes that payment comes in the form of fresh glazed chocolate perfection.  Gooooood Morning, Mom and Pop Donut Shop!  You sure know how to put the dough in Nut.


Y'all know Dr Pepper is my favorite guilty pleasure, right?

So it is with all sincerity that I scream...
Is this new!?  
I simply don't have words. 
 Except that this is further proof God loves us.

For Real.



  1. You are so right Juls god does love you or....he wants to see you snort these babies! ;)

  2. those have to be new..is your area a test market..that's not fair..we want Dr pepper pops..

  3. Stupid o' clock brings rewards a plenty... See, I know this coz it's the same time here and my Dr Pepper reward is coming in the form of England kickin' ass in the FOOTBALL tonight... Yep, yep

  4. Wait...Dr. Pepper AND donuts in the SAME blog post? I may keel over from the sheer sugary happiness of it all.