June 18, 2010

*Except to the version who would be in charge of all the cleaning. She's stomping around with a picket sign.

Sometimes feeling pulled in 2 directions is a good thing.  Especially when it is a choice between making this~

or these~


I'm not a believer in cloning, but sometimes the idea of having multiple selves is appealing.*  Now would be one of those times.  My scheduled reveal for the Bead Soup Party is tomorrow, and this is the current state of my creation~

If I'm not back in 12 hours, please send pizza.


  1. Sweet. Congrats on the Treasuries too! I have a coupon for Papa John's. What do you want on it?

  2. I knew that broken bead had lots of potential! what a beautiful way to make some thing wonderful out of a boo boo! way to go!

  3. WOW!!!! Your work is just exquisite! And your funny too :) I can just see you in your studio with your box of pizza working your beads :)

  4. I'm trying to work out how much longer I have before I call the pizza place - this time difference confuses me!!

    PS I found out my work PO Box!!

  5. The pizza might be a bit cold and shriveled by the time it reaches you from Oz but the thought will be there!

    I love your pendant...oh my god the colours are gorgeous, the bead, even broken, is divine. If you ever bore of this piece you know where I live!!


  6. Some of us need a match lit under our (!) to get it done on a deadline right? I was lucky to be bead souper number 81!! Hope to see your soup later.
    Love how you rescued the broken bead. It looks like you planned it that way. Beautiful piece!! Love your glass!

  7. Ok I missed the pizza party and I sat on these darn pins and needles an extra day but..... YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THIS PIECE! The new dimples in my but are worth it! You are a goddess! :)