May 2, 2010

She'd probably be too busy eating my face.

I've been itching to break out the clay for a while, and I decided today was the day.  I hauled everything out of the closet and got a table primed and ready.

And then I learned something.  Even sealed in unopened factory packaging,  after 5 years of sitting in a closet... 

Clay will become HARD. AS. A. ROCK.  See those striations in the side of the block?  That's where I cut through it using a 2 handled wire clay cutter thingy, and by 'cut' I mean hacked and sawed until I broke my 2 handled wire clay cutter thingy. And possibly a finger.

I've got the whole pile saturated, wrapped in plastic, and sitting in a rubbermaid container in the corner.  I'm hoping that by tomorrow I'll be able to slice off a chunk without seriously injuring or killing myself, because I'm not sure my cat would call 911.



  1. hehehehe you are soooo funny Juls! I love reading your blog. Yeah, be careful there sister. I can relate to the strange objects one resorts to use to cut things when one suddenly hasn't the proper cutting tools- in this case- your case- electric saw! (jk). Have a great day and best of luck with the clay. xo, MT

  2. Ohhh dear ... just please careful not to hurt yourself as that is something I can see myself doing... "how did you cut your finger off Karyn"..."oh just trying to slice some rock hard clay"!!!

    BE CAREFUL!!!!!

  3. Hmmmm, wonder if that means my polymer clay is in the same shape???? Have a care for the fingers--they come in handy and broken don't work so good ;-) CJ