May 6, 2010

I'll be the one tilting my head back and squinting.

So let's pretend that I have an eye appointment today.  And lets just say it is hypothetically because my eyes have kinda been with me for a while and that maybe I am a looker atter of many things, some of which might be not so good for that keep looking at things thing. 

Is it normal to be nervous before an imaginary eye appointment?  Are fake glasses in my future, and if so, can I feign wearing contacts instead?  Since eyes are the window to the soul, is it better for them to be double paned? 

Will I look in the 4 eyed mirror and revert to the pointing and teasing of my 5 year old self?  Will my brother, the original recipient of my pointing and teasing, revert to pointing and teasing of his own?  Will I have to kill him for it?  Will the warden let me bead in my tiny cell?  Will they make me go out into the yard with other cons who will point and tease?  Will I have to kill them too? 

Maybe I should just cancel that fake appointment in favor of the freedom to continue looking at things even though that might eventually mean everyone looks like my grandpa.


It's time to party again!  The first was so much fun that you definitely want to head over to Pretty Things and sign up to play in this one.

Uh.  That means now.  So go already.

See ya there!



  1. i actually went in for an eye exam last summer because i have a harder time seeing anything within a foot of my nose without magnification (i chalk it up to my foray into seed beads you know). they told me that i had 20/20 (wha?!?) and made me feel like i was wasting their time. i know that my vision is not 20/20 since that means that i have miraculously gotten better since the last time i had my eyes checked like 6 years ago and it was 20/15 or something like that. it was frustrating. and i think it is getting worse. but i am rockin' the granny glasses. particularly the polka dots and the stripey ones i have!
    enjoy the day.

  2. I have the hard time seeing things far away!