May 16, 2010

Because I would damn sure hit it.

My laptop experienced home invasion of the virus kind. 
Another chunk of my life spent with Norton. 
I don't go to social sites, chatrooms, or the like.
Not even Facebook since the first virus hit.
They can't tell me where the virus is coming from.
I cannot access my email.
They have been assuring me this problem will be repaired within the hour.
For 9 hours.
It's a good thing Grumpy isn't a deadly sin.
I wish I owned a sparring bag.



  1. UGH!!! I hate viruses!!!! They suck a big one. I have one on my computer, though they said I can still do all my normal stuff. I can shell over $200 bucks to get it off, but if the computer hasn't crashed yet, I am not paying. Good luck on getting rid of the stupid thing!!! Oh, I love the Wii boxing because it is so therapeutic.

  2. Ooooh! You rock, Beth! I had forgotten boxing on Wii.

    Virus gone. Beer good. :P

  3. Oh that is a huge bugger. There must be some kind of nasty bug going around as a few of my friends have been hit too.

    I hope you don't lose too much stuff.


  4. we have to get you a Mac! Stat! I have never now encountered any such nonsense- and you know how i went a whole year without a computer!

    Love you,

    awaiting the squeeeee!

  5. Blech. That is the pits. I hate it when that happens. Hang in there! Brighter days are coming, my friend! Enjoy the day!

  6. It took forever and there are a few inconveniences that seem to be permanent because of the virus, but thankfully nothing major was lost.

    @Mary~ I am SO ALL OVER getting a Mac next...just as soon as this laptop wears out.