March 8, 2010

Benny. Bennay. Bennaaay and the Jeeh Eeeeh Ehts

Are you familiar with that song?  Go ahead and hum a few bars.  We'll wait.

 I'll even help....

Dinner!  Dinner!  What you want for diih iiih neehr?   
Oscars!  Oscars!  The Oscars are on tonigh igh ight.
Bedtime! bedtime! It's time to go to beh eh eeehd.
Voices! Voices! Get the voices out my Heh eh eahd.

Dear Sir Elton John,
Do you see how this is starting to affect my ability to communicate?  I think it's time you leave.  And take that song with you.  Seriously. 
Get Out Of My Head.
Julay! Julay! Has talked like this for day ay aaaaays.


The Pretty!

I decided I needed a torch break so for the month of February I didn't accept any bead orders and instead focused on creating jewelry.  Last week the torch bug bit me so I've been spending my days in the glass studio.  And you know vaaaat?   I'm Digging! Digging! Melting my glaaaa aaaa aaaass.

The kiln is full of turquoise.  And that's all I have to sing about tha aaah aaatt.



  1. The beads look awesome, awesome, awesome!

  2. Ohh they are gorgeous. Where do you sell your lampies? hint hint :D

  3. Ohhh and thanks too - I now have Benny and the Jets in my head... :0

  4. Thanks, ya'll. :) I'll be reopening my Etsy shop shortly. I'll let you know, Karyn.

    And sorry! I'm sorry 'bout that saaaw aaaaw awwng! Thing. lol

  5. Fuhhhnnny fuuhhnnnyy funny and the jets! you are a delight my friend.

  6. oh 4 jesus pete's sake- I am not anonymous- it's me Mare!

  7. I wish I could post anonymously...I'd say sing louder!!!! haaaaaa

  8. I love the beads... and I am now humming to Elton. SCARY!