February 2, 2010

One of a Kind(s)

When I started down this self employment road I managed to develop an internal clock that directed every moment of the day. And then I went to work doing something else for a year and completely jacked up the rhythm. My window of waking up nowadays is sometime between 6 am and noon, so I'm trying out something new this week in the hopes of re-establishing a schedule: Waking up on purpose at a specific time using an obnoxious box that blares country music. You might have heard of them? My feet are now hitting the floor promptly at 5 am, right about the time the alarm clock hits the wall.

Having been up for 6 hours, the only things I have managed to accomplish are shoving 3 honey barbq chicken fingers down my throat and discovering that  Doppelganger is "Sorry." but they were unable to match my face.

The clocks are fitting for this post, so I'll leave you with one of my favorite Dali paintings.  I'm heading out to the glass studio to play with fire.  Enoy your day!

The Persistence of Memory~


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