November 16, 2014

Roll Tide y'all~ Now give me back my toe rings.

I'm not going to sit here and whine about how cold it is down here in the Southern South.  First because some of you are already trudging through snow (Jelly!) and fighting the kind of cold that never happens here.  Secondly because I am a fan of the cold and snow and college football which just so happens to coincide with the beginning of cold and snow season.  And I am a fan of the wearing of boots, which, yeah, also rolls around at the same time.

What I am not a fan of is giving up my sandals and the beach and toes in the sand.  Toes that 8 months out of the year boast cute little rings that make me happy when I look down at them.  Yesterday was the day of giving in though, of taking them off in order to wear something called a "closed toe" shoe.     The sad of it, y'all.  The sad.

I'm consoling myself this morning with fat fluffy marshmellows melting in a big ole cup of hot chocolate.  I'm also feeling the thrill after an excellent football win, the sort which reminds you that your team is the best team and no other team is as good as your team because your team is the best team and Yay, team! 

I've beaded some since we last spoke.   This smaller cross was a custom order based on the larger.  I got to work with my very talented cabinet maker friend again, and he made a handful of the smaller crosses using scraps of beautiful woods.   They're gorge, y'all.


Of course I've also been making beads, some of which have become jewelry before leaving home.

And then there's this.
This guy makes me laugh.
Plus he's cute and loves the beach as much as I do,
so much that he went in the ocean with me in January.
We'll see.


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