May 31, 2010

Mine is a Giant Bobble Head.

Robin, who is not a beader, decided that she liked my Rip Tide focal so much that she bought it.   You caught that right?  The part about her being a nonbeader?  She said that while she didn't know how she would use it, she would like knowing it was around.  Do I even need to tell you I was so incredibly flattered that I immediately fell over dead?  

And even though she killed me,
I turned it into a simple necklace that I hope she will love.



  1. that is GORgeous! and thank God for CPR.

  2. You are so nice. She will love it. I also have a lot of non beaders who buy beads just to have the sparkly little things around.
    Have a great day Juls

  3. Hey nutjob!!! Hope you're enjoying your Memorial Monday surrounded by Army aviators. :)

  4. Thanks so much, y'all. I'm absolutely tickled pink about the whole thing.

    @Jen, who YOU callin' nutjob? LOL.
    No aviators for me ever again. I lernt my lessin thu ferst tyme. ;)

  5. You have a gift for making sparklie things why wouldn't someone want to know one of those were near!