April 11, 2014

What I really want to show you is my yard. And the bags and bags and bags and baaaagggs of leaves and debris and limbs and weeds that I've piled up at the curb. I have busted butt and it looks GOOOOD out there y'all, but since I know the status of my yard is not on your list of life things to know I'm not going to bore you with pics. Plus I just told you how good my yard looks and knowing that you now know is gratifying enough.

By request
Dragon Eye Focal BEADS.
Yay, team!

Since I can't go live at the beach just yet,
my torch brings it to live with me.

Beachcomber~ Coral Reef

You'll note the absolute absence of black and white,
and if you were to come hang in my studio with me
you'd find both of those "colors" tucked away in a box.
Under a shelf.
Outside in the shed.




  1. I have been working on my yard a lot lately. It looks good but sure took away from my beading time! Just love your dragon's eyes.

  2. Yeah...I have been trying to do catch up in my yard too....But Juls...I would love to see pics.....

  3. I am so glad that you feel good about the efforts in your yard ! It is very rewarding and I for one would not mind seeing some pics!! It is a huge effort!!! Now I am so psyched that your dragon eyes are selling fast. I sent a couple of folks your way and I hope that they have started a collection of your work!! They are true bead whores!! The new coral reef beads are stunning and I totally get the absence of black and white- that will pass!! Hugs!