March 13, 2014

A really crappy phone pic of some really uncrappy stuffesses.

I cleaned my torch table of all color and debris a few days ago because black and white.  2100 of them.  Which is why I haven't written a blog post because who wants to hear me whine about a gigantic order that will result in my Jeep being paid off in 2 weeks?  See what I did there?  I didn't even complain about black and white 2100 times.  Mostly.

My eyes needed a break yesterday.  And after opening my kiln this morning I'm pretty sure they are going to spend today exactly the same way....

Because CABS, y'all.


My camera battery is deader 'n Elvis,
so these won't be hitting
until tonight.

And oh yeah...
I'm reopening my webstore
because Etsy fees have gone
the way of Ebay fees
which means



  1. Gorgeous I love all the pretty colors. I have already used one of the cabs I got from you and if you check out my blog on the 26th of March you will be able to see what I did with the one you called a second, but I say it's perfect in my design.

  2. Those cabs are the shizzle! I wish I was still doing bead embroidery work because I would be totally grabbing some right now. Sadly, my eyesight won't let me do that kind of thing any more so I will have to admire the cabs from here...they are awesome!

  3. Gorgeous work, Juls! Those three in the bottom right corner have to be called dragon's eyes! I'm seeing one in a major bead embroidery piece taking shape in my head.