February 11, 2014

At least I haven't forgotten how to write the longest run on sentence EVER.

I sat down to respond to a couple of comments this morning and one of those little boxes under the post caught my attention and after I clicked it I accidentally found myself hopping around reading random older posts on this blog written by someone I would totally be friends with because her ability to think her thoughts made even my toes smile and then I remembered "Wait a minute...this is my blog and that someone is me" and if I could figure out the mechanics of it I would kiss myself right on the mouth because how awesome is it to randomly realize that you like the goo that composes your person?

Know what I don't like as much? The color black.  The color white.  The color combination of black and white.  My torch bench is boring my socks back on.

I'm not mad at the clear though.  It's the cleanest 5 pound batch of clear I've ever seen,
and if I hadn't had  to use it up encasing all this black and white 
I would totally have rolled around on it naked.

I have just shy of 400 beads to make to finish the order on which 
the icy cold ice put me 6 days behind.
Which means I've made over 500 beads in the last 2.5 days.
Which means 

I'm shipping this order Thursday
and then I'm going to make the most
outrageously colored
something or other
for no good reason at all.

And then I'm going to have a giveaway
and make one of you create something with it.

Because I like the goo that composes your person, too.


PS.  If you subscribe via email and have gotten old posts sent to your inbox, please join me in kicking blogger in the shin.  Also?  Disregard them.  Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. I like your goo, too! I really don't know how you can do production work like that. I have a hard enough time making 20 of the same something and then I want to break the mold and be all 'limited edition, get it while you can'. I am most sick of the white of the snow crystal variety around here in our -8 degree heat wave. I thought you were going to say you were making an outrageously colored cocktail, because that would be something after making so many black and white beads! Looking forward to something outrageously colored. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Hi Juli,
    Isn't wonderful to find that the person you are loving so much is yourself! Repetition is the one thing that I so do not like, but if it is paying a bill or two then I push through it. Yay I am all for a giveaway/challenge.

  3. Oooh I can hardly wait to see what you come up with that is outrageously colored while you drink that delicious fruity cocktail. And of course I am up for a contest :)

  4. Every now and then I go back into my blog and read entries I totally don't remember writing. I'm sure that's not a bad sign, right?
    Your monumental order has me in awe. I'm bowing in your direction (south of me) right now . . . or would you prefer a curtsy?