January 9, 2014

I should probably focus more on sentence structure, but I'll think about that tomorrow.

We are now on the steady climb back to 70 degrees by the weekend.  Yay Shorts!

I'll be torching at some point today, so I hope to get the rest of the orders shipped tomorrow.  (EDITED:  Yeah, That didn't happen.  The temps plunged back down to the low 40s with awesome drizzly rain by early afternoon.)

First I have to go either A) find a new battery to replace the one that died in my cell phone last night or B) go find a new plan.  I'm leaning toward B because Smart Talk is half the price of my current plan and my contract ended last October and $50 a month difference is $50 a month I can throw at my Jeep because I recently realized I now only have 7 payments left on my Jeep before my Jeep will be paid off and then between the $50 a month and the $350 a month Jeep payment I will have $400 a month that nobody is holding out a hand for so basically LOTTERY WINNER!  

But first I have to drag myself to the cell phone counter and figure out which plan with which options on which phones will best meet my needs....which if I am honest with you were best met when phones hung on the wall with a long curly cord that if you were lucky stretched into your bedroom or at least to the couch and if you weren't available to answer it that meant you were off doing something fun like playing outside with your friends and yes I know I sound like my mother but I don't care because really I just want to go outside and play with my friends.

Meanwhile, I'm cut off from them and everything else.  Stupid Battery.


  1. I've had a pretend smartphone (Tracfone LG 840g) for a few months now and like it fine but I was seriously thinking of going with a real smartphone.
    The price did me in. Then I looked hard at what I actually use the phone for and decided the Tracfone is serving my purpose.
    I feel so much better. I hated getting stressed out as I cruised the net looking at all the phones and plans and talking to lady friends who all extolled the virtues of their smart(ass) phones.
    Ah, I feel so much better.

  2. We just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile and are really happy because we're saving $50 a month and for two iphones that's amazing. Plust we get more data time and everthing is unlimited (texts and data). PLUS, they gave us money back for our old iPhones and don't require any down payment. What they do instead is charge the actual retail price of the phone but give you a few years to pay it off. So the monthly payment is the "loan" repayment. But it's a loan with no interest. I'm making this sound very confusing but it's not when they explain it. We are very satisfied.

  3. Get a phone! I've got a game to play with you!!!