January 23, 2014

30 Words ~ On Thursdays. I just happened to see one this morning and decided to play along. I'll probably forget to play next week though.

The window seat
is mine.
And the sunbeams?
They're mine too.
You won't fit here
so go away 
and take the dog.

I said go.

The both of you.



  1. Totally love that diva look! So happy that you found this and that you decided to play along on the 30 Words Challenge, Miss Juls. There is absolutely no pressure to do it every week, but if you do, please post your link on my blog so that we can all enjoy! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Ahh you made me laugh. And I needed that today.

  3. Perfect cat voice and wonderful pic! From another jewelery maker owned by a cat!