September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend 2013

Friday morning, up at dawn to get my work finished so I could head south.
This sunrise in Alabama was a treat.

Friday night was spent on some beachy retail therapy and a nice Pier Park dinner outside with my girls.
I'd show y'all pictures of my new sandals (3 pairs, because monster SALE!) 
and divinely delicious chicken and black bean wraps
but yeah.  No.  I'm thinking you don't much care.
(Plus I don't actually have pics of them)

Saturday morning was a little bit awesome though
because this happened~

Then Saturday afternoon there was a whole lotta
Roll Tidin' goin on.
(and possibly some beer drinking and oyster eating)
(although I still can't believe that last part)
(Because oysters are gross)
(yet totally delicious if served on the the end of the knife used to shuck one)
(by a wicked cute manager at Dusty's)

(yes, we won. Yay!)

Even the clouds were Crimson at sunset Saturday night.
I'm pretty sure God brought Monet to hang out on the back deck with us.

The ocean brought us some seaweed on Sunday.
("eeeeew" sayeth some)
(But I totally got my body in that water anyway)
(and rocked seaweed in places seaweed probably shouldn't be)

I don't have a photo of the best part because Dolphins are too busy playing to pose,
but we saw several doing full on high out of the water flips with arms flapping.

Like they were waving at us.
So we waved back.




  1. I'm sure those dolphins were there because the word on the dolphin grapevine was that "Juls was on the sand.

  2. That sounds utterly delightful!

    (And this might be one of my favorite lines, ever: "I'm pretty sure God brought Monet to hang out on the back deck with us." That sentence--and that sentiment, and that image--just makes me very, very happy.)