June 28, 2013

I think I broke my kidneys. Plural.

I know I turned 42 this year, but I'm pretty sure my back isn't supposed to hurt so much that I want to crumple in on myself.  When I pointed out where it hurts my bestie who is not a nurse but would totally play one on TV said "kidneys"...and since I know as much about my own anatomy as a newborn platypus would I'm taking her word for it.  Mainly...ouch.

I still had to go grocery shopping this morning though because I got down to my last granola bar which if you are me is akin to having all the blood drained from your body ~ devil god vampire Bill style.  (if you didn't see last week's True Blood, you'll see what I mean when you do.  And if you don't watch True Blood, how are we even friends?  I have clearly failed to appropriately explain the awesomeness to you.)

Anyway, cat litter was on the needed list and I don't mind telling y'all I cried a little when I picked up that 13 pounds to put it in my cart.  I cried again when I got to check out and had to lift it to get it on the belt.  When the girl behind the counter asked me if I would mind lifting it back into my cart because she had recently hurt her back, a piece of my inner child died.  That cat litter is now residing safely in the back of the Jeep where it will remain until someone who is not me takes it out.

I am quite able to sit without pain if I don't swivel in the chair at my torch, but if you own a swivel chair then you know swiveling while sitting in a swivel chair is like wearing your skin.  I'm adapting.

I'm also making beads, and if you put in the code TAKE10 at checkout you can save 10% on the new listings as well as the old.

Large hole Freeform Focal Sets~

Random Play~

Multi layered colorful awesome ~

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As always, thank you
for supporting my work
so I can keep Sheba's
cat litter stocked.
Chelsea and I appreciate it.



  1. Oh my, so sorry about your pain! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. Woman! Drink some water!
    With apple cider vinager!
    And some more water.
    And cranberry juice.
    And eat real food.