April 11, 2013

Well played, Lillie Beth.

Chelsea and I go outside first thing in the morning,
and I'm wont to begin each by looking up.
This pecan tree has become a touchstone
of sorts, its growth measuring
the spending of my days.

Standing still beneath 
I listen as it
comes to life.

Such a stark contrast 
blue skies and rain.

Well played, God.


My Nana was a charter member of the National Home Gardening Club.

I never knew that.

I've never seen her flowers as less than the whole,
never noticed the individuality or amazing variety
or intentionally orchestrated placement.

Until now.



  1. How wonderful for you. Awesome gorgeousness!

  2. Thanks. I needed that. All we have is gray . . . everywhere.

  3. Sometimes it those simple things... like budding trees, vibrant flowers that help us understand we are but a microscopic dot on God's map of life. And yet with love and care we can continue to keep his amazing creations growing and beautiful!
    {Hugs!} ♥