April 3, 2013

Today's smile brought to you by happy Parrot faces.

One day soon I'll have time to say things here again.  I'll even use my words and errthang.  Right now I'm playing Keep the Jeep in the driveway, a game I do not highly recommend.  One day soon I'm going to win though, because that's what stubborn faith does.

I am dying to put my toes in sand (more than usual), and since I can't get to the beach just yet I brought the tropics to me.  And you, if you're in need something cheerful and bright.


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  1. How did you know I was in need of something cheerful and bright???? It's been so gloomy around here and I'm longing for some color. Your beads are just gorgeous!!!

  2. Jeep huh!! we have one and it wants to stay put. every time we take it out., it dies.....soooo irritating when it is the only car you have....But I love the parrots. they are really bright, and even though I am here in FL, today it is gloooomy!!! Thanks!!!

  3. If you like Pina Coladas.... yes please... and Jimmy Buffet concerts... Okay, I'll take one of those too. :) Love the happy cheery parrot colors! I just shared a link to this post with my peeps on Twitter!

    Birds of a feather my friend, sending you Jeep wishes and sandy toe dreams!