April 19, 2013

Fodee TEW, y'all!

I haven't had a whole lot of time for birthday bells and whistles this year, and I can only imagine the angst and pain my lack of posting about my birthday every.single.day.in April/Juli has caused you.  I'm sorry 'bout that.

Can I be forgiven now?
Because you're welcome.

So Fodee Tew.

That's what I'll be in a few short days
which means in a few short months I'll
be halfway between 40 and 45
which isn't really relative at all
I haven't even had my

Plus I just started a new work,

and I think I'd kind of like to finish it before
I start considering Fodee Tree,
let alone Fodee Figh.



To kick off my Birthday Bash
I'm having a sale over at 
25% off your entire order,
no minimum purchase required!
Coupon Code: Cake42

And yes, these huge collections
which are already Wholesale priced 
to begin with 
in the sale!

Let's celebrate the end of
Fodee Wun
and the promise of DR PEPPER CAKE!

25% off errthang!
Code:  Cake 42


My handcrafted Art Jewelry 
is also included in the sale!


Y'all might have noticed 
I haven't had a sale in a couple of months.
I should go ahead and tell you now 
that I will no longer be having them
more than a couple times a year.
I've already priced my work as best I can
to keep it affordable for you 
while preventing me from starving..

I appreciate your support of my work
these last 10+ years more than you know,
and I hope you'll continue to be inspired
by glass art beads in the years to come.

From all of us who
 rely on our creative passions and talents to live,
Thank you.


Happy birthday to me
I live in a zoo
that doesn't even
rhyyy   yyyyyme,
Man Iscrewedupthatsong!


(you just sang that in the birthday song melody, didn't you?)

Yeah.  Me too.



  1. Happy happy day, Miss Juls! I do want to get that recipe for the Dr Pepper cake because DAMN that looks good. I will be celebrating the ole FORDY FIGH (or as I like to think, the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday) in August. Gosh. How did THAT happen? Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I didn't remember that our birthdays are only 5 days apart (and many, many years!). Happy happy, sis!

  3. We'll darling you look twenty two ... Gorgeous through and through....hugs xox

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope that it is wonderful and happy and everything you want it to be!

    (And, wow, that cake looks fantastic!)

  5. I hope your birthday was superbolous! :) Yep, that's a Dawn-ism if I've ever heard one. I love both of those ginormous sets of beads. You know I'd just spend all day licking the turquoise set - which would spread way too many germs and possibly wear the finish off the beads, but it would also be highly unproductive. I also love the romance and the softness in the bottom set. Very Venus!

  6. Happy Birthday! I am just post-birthday too :-) Hope you had a good one! YUM to your beads by the way!!