March 18, 2013

The Other Side!

Slowly getting organized in my new studio space. 

Loving all the brightness from the walls of windows~

Although that may change come June when the windows start melting.


Still awesome.

Best Part of all?

The company.



  1. Wow - love your set up!!! Plus, like you said, the best part is the fur baby as company!

  2. That's a beautiful space. I love all the windows. But I know what you mean about what happens when summer comes. Three sides of my studio are all windows and while it's lovely in winter, summer can be blistering. Enjoy your new space.

  3. You DID IT! It's amazing how organized you already are. Cool! Good for you. Looks like a great spot for lots of creative endeavors. xoxox

  4. Glad you're moved. Love the windows and I want your drawers! TMI?☺
    P.S. Chelsea is a doll♥

  5. Very nice studio space and excellent company. Haven't chatted in a long time- I have been working. Just had a clay play day and was searching around for inspiration. Love your new header photos there's a whole lot of blingin' beauty up there Juls. Miss you, Heather