February 26, 2013

The Art of Self Discipline

Having spent a week and half of eight to twelve hour days playing with fire
(with one 16 hour day tossed in) 
wreaked enough havoc on my upper body 
that I had to take a torch break over the weekend...
which of course meant The LOTR trilogy + The Hobbit
as background while I chilled on the couch with the furkids
and worked on the first of what will be a series of crosses.

Today with a deadline looming I had to set aside the beading
and return to the torch, which means I now find myself
in that transitory position of switching creative gears mid-race
while my beading groove is set to Turbo.

Much to my amazement I've discovered that even with that 
bowl of end results resting atop them,
those rods are not going to morph themselves beads.
(I know, right!?)

Must do:

Would rather:

That being said,
I'll just be over here
melting glass
appreciating how blessed I am
to have such a first world problem.



  1. That cross is amazing. I so wish I could bead like that.

  2. "first world problem" puts it in perspective.... that cross is beautiful!

  3. Juli,
    You are a true renaissance woman you can do the glass beads then take a break and sew a few beads then take a break and go back to the glass beads. I have faith you will get the glass beads done and they will be beautiful.