February 15, 2013

I should know by now to expect the unexpected.

Coupon Codes are only valid at www.studiojuls.com and will not work in my Etsy Shop.

10% off orders of $50+ ~ Coupon Code ~ COOL
20% off orders of $100+ ~ Coupon Code ~ SWEET
25% off orders of $250+ ~ Coupon Code ~ AWESOME

Please note that on occasion my website randomly adds a handling fee to orders.  I never told it to do so and in fact can't even find that option anywhere on the site. If your order is charged a handling/excessive shipping fee I will immediately refund the overage.



  1. I am so happy to see that you are continuing to create, Miss Juls! And for anyone not sure of the Own My Skillz day, it is so worth every penny! Jump on it!
    Just a note that all of a sudden your old blog at http://studiojuls.blogspot.com has some random postings. Are you still using that? It is still in my reader and I am seeing these but they don't seem like you. Check it out.
    Enjoy the day, Miss Juls! Erin

  2. Ok... you got me☺
    Please be advised you are a little lighter on focals in your shop now♥☺

  3. Oh, I am drooling! I know that this is my first time commenting, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your work--you make such beautiful things!

    ... I'm just sad that I have literally no money in my checking account right now! Ah well. If I become suddenly wealthy in the next few days, I certainly know what I'm doing! :D