February 9, 2013

Glass Therapy

If you are looking for my Focusing on Life: Feel the Love post you will find it HERE.

I couldn't sleep last night.  Aside from our loss yesterday, I've got a few things on my plate at the mo...not the least of which is a glass situation that is a tad bit sitting in the back of my mind like a hand grenade with the pin pulled.  To make a long story short, glass colors are no longer as consistent as they once were.  China now owns the majority of the pigment mines which means that with this regulation or that regulation or the total lack of a regulatory presence at all combined with indiscriminate mixing protocol, expecting the next batch to be the same as the last batch has become a big fat joke with of course the exception of Creation is Messy glass which is...you guessed it...manufactured in China.  It's quite the colortastic monopoly.

Colortastic:  adj.  That which makes Juli get out of bed and light her torch at midnight to play with her favorite colors and then refer to herself in the third person the following day.

Here are a few results of that adventure that you'll find newly listed in my SHOP.~

My Dilemma?  The subtle difference in the shading of these 2 rods pulled from different pounds of the same color was just discovered halfway through a large wholesale order for which a consistent specific color is paramount to its successful completion.  The only solution I have is to order a couple of additional pounds from various suppliers and hope the right tonality shows up.  Meanwhile, I'm having to put the job on hold...which means I will fail to meet the end date I quoted.  It is a beyond my control situation, but the strive for perfectionist that is my inner child is stomping around my gray matter in a fit of hissy.

Un~Yay, y'all.




  1. Juli, I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating that would be. In so many areas of art, suppliers talk about getting enough of a lot to have a consistent color...yarn and delicas being the first to come to mind. But when you can't even get that! Ugh. So sorry, my friend.

  2. Juli - had no idea this was going on and almost want to cry (figuratively) how the quality of our goods has been so horribly affected by China. It's at all levels isn't it? It's one thing to say that we can get some of our quality back by bringing mfg back to countries that follow "the rules" but another to realize that you don't have control of the raw materials. What's the answer? Interesting that politics have entered the arts in a new way.