January 24, 2013

Because I'm a woman, that's why.

When I said last year that I was giving up Beadmaking, I meant it.  I meant it with every ounce of every fiber of my being.  I was done with production for mass consumption, or more accurately with struggling to not doubt myself because when the economy tanked it took my livelihood with it.  I had stopped having fun, innovating, playing...and something I had once loved very much became drudgery.

Y'all know me well enough to know that if mama ain't happy...mama ain't happy, so mama moves on.

What I've discovered over the last few months is that I still love melting glass, of not knowing what's going to happen by trying this or that, of having the freedom to ask What if I? I wonder? Will this work? without the scared little voice inside worrying about what people want or will buy in order to pay this bill or that.

I'm back to a point of creating for the joy of it, back to being inspired, back to feeling like I'm on the right road artistically, back to listening to my calling.  Back to the best version of me.

These are work on developing a technique for tye dye beads, and I dig 'em.  I listed a few in my shop, so if you dig 'em too that's where you'll find 'em.

I'm focused on and busy with the wholesale side of things, and when I have free time to play glass I'll be doing just that.  I'm out of the pimping for sales business, but I still hope that my beads will speak to others and inspire beautiful jewelry.

Key word being inspire.

Because you inspire me.



  1. ooh ooh I love the tie died beads. Very cool

  2. Juls, I love the tie dye! So fun, funky and full of color - LOVE!!!! Do what speaks to your heart girl, when your heart creates magic happens!!

  3. So glad you've given up being a pimp. Don't you miss the big velvet hat and pointy shoes, though?