January 30, 2013

Streamlining my intake.

You know how when you sit down and open FB you tell yourself you'll spend a half hour and the next time you look at the clock it is 2 hours later?  Me too.

I was struck the other morning by the routine I have somehow developed of waking up, turning on the laptop and grabbing my cell phone before immediately taking Chelsea outside.  It was a beautiful morning, and I realized I couldn't remember the last time I'd noticed that.

Life on online, plugged in, keeping up....but missing out on the in person stuff.  Nature.  Quiet.  Stillness.

I prefer the latter to the Nth degree.  It was with that in mind that I cleaned up my friend's list on FB yesterday, deleting over 200 people that I don't interact with or really even know.  I cleaned out all 3 email boxes, and deleted membership to several groups I don't have the time to participate in wholeheartedly.

Instead of igniting my electronics first thing, I've made a conscious choice to ignore them for at least an hour. To sit outside, to read my bible, to get a little exercse in or just hang with my Chels.  When I finally do check in online my mind is clear, my day's tasks outlined clearly, and my FB feed streamlined for quick and easy perusal.

2 thumbs up.


I have a couple of Bead Box Specials newly listed~ random groups of fun.




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  1. That's a great idea Miss Juls....I don't get on line as often as I'd like with my crappy connection...I'm actually at Timmies have a cup a joe catching up on blogger....I redid my blog yesterday......but a friends list clean up is. Good idea....lol...I think of my over 350 I interact with maybe 10-15 of them.....I'm so glad your back making your beauties...
    Hugs xox

  2. Hi Juli,
    It is always a good thing to disconnect from the cyber world for a little while each day and reflect and meditate on life and it's splendor. Enjoy the reconnect to Mother Nature. Although she is not at her best today in Alabama.

  3. Been down that road my friend...nothing better than decluttering and unplugging from the world of online. Hugs!

  4. You are so right. In fact, I'm going to get off of here now..and go to my Bible. Thanks for the reminder. :)