December 17, 2012

Putting my money where my mouth is.

If you haven't read Yesterday's Post but you'd like this post to make sense, take a peek.  If instead you just want a Christmas deal on 2 days of my life you can skip it and keep reading.

(There are still 5 days left to pledge whatever amount you can...and every little bit helps!)

I spent Saturday and Sunday making beads for Darcy.  Well, not actually FOR Darcy, but to sell toward pledging my support for her project.   (Update: 1 sold, 1 to go, 4 days left!)

I've listed 2 collections of beads in bright happy colors.  Most of the sets are encased and layered with beautiful detail, and each collection includes a One of a Kind Focal.

The retail on each set (the price at which I sell them, which is actually already less than retail) is over $200.  They are priced on my site today at $110, and when both have sold I will pledge $175 toward Darcy's project. The difference is to cover my material cost and a little bit of my own self employed time.

Together we can make an artist's dream come true this Christmas.  Let's do that, k?

You'll find them at StudioJuls.


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