November 18, 2012

Because I can.

Break out the sweaters, y'all~ winter is teasing us with just enough chill to make boots and scarves passable attire down in the south of Alabama.  I bought some new jeans a month or so ago and the periwinkle blue in this set matches them instead of saying I might have to keep it I'll just go ahead and admit that I made it especially for myself.

Next up?
Something for the RED jeans.

Because Red jeans?
Oh Yes I did.



  1. Of course you bought red jeans. Don't y'all go around shouting something about Red Tide down there? Something to do with football? hehe

  2. Ok, I need to see a modeling of the red jeans. Seriously. I love that cobalt pop in this piece!

  3. These are so dramatic and fun! It's been 72F in St. Pete ... I left the sweaters behind in April when I moved here! Actually, there's plenty of sweater weather in St. Pete! Yep, I vote for red jeans!

  4. Well, of COURSE you got red jeans - just in time for the Iron Bowl!

  5. Just lovely! I wish that I had the ovaries to wear red jeans though I am considering some forest green ones.