October 20, 2012

Y'all know how much I hate working with these colors~

so when someone purchased this focal and requested I make it into a pendant I cried.  Or ya know...did a happy little mental jig.

A girl I knew in high school bought it.   She was one of those girls that stood out but not for typical reasons.  She was (and is) physically beautiful, but it was (and is) her inner goodness that set her apart.  For as long as I have known her, Ginny has been the kind of Christian that attracts people to Christ.  We weren't close friends, but she is one of the people I remember clearest.

When I sat down to make her simple pendant on a cord this happened instead.  For all of the kindness and love she has contributed to the world I wanted to give her a small piece of it back

It felt wonderful to create purely from a place of love, to exist in the space for which God gave me my abilities without concern for anything else.  Without knowing it and without expecting this when she opens her package, she has once again, without intention, shined her light.

I'm thankful for people like that...for reminding me to BE a people like that.



  1. Well Juli, for hating those colors you did an awesome job! That focal bead is gorgeous, OK, I do like the idea of teal and brown together... but for not liking the colors you really did pull them together! Of course all of your work is beautiful...
    Hugs from one of your newer followers,
    Beth P

  2. I giggled when I saw that about you & those colors and just looked at the photos on this page header. Yep, hate them, don't you. Loved chatting with you and I'm so glad we're friends.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!
    We all know how much you ♥~hate~♥ turqouise☺

  4. You are making me miss Alabama! Your gift is beautiful to look at and so from the heart!

  5. Wow...this is gorgeous...but then I happen to love all the colors!

    I'm sure she will be thrilled...