October 31, 2012

I'll talk more about Halloween tomorrow. If I survive.

Right now I'm doing some earring assemblage, some website stuff, and making 500 rondelle spacers for a custom order.  If you haven't peeked at RCBD, go ahead.  We'll wait.

Do you see what I did up there?  Mentioning website stuff all nonchalantly like it is an every day thing and like I'm not all high on effort because Hey!  I'm actually rebuilding a site after what?  4 years?  Le Squee.  While I was waiting for you a minute ago I busted so many moves people driving by looked in my window and stopped.  Because Hammer Time!

Okay.  Not Really.  The Juli was blessed with that thing called white girl rhythm, which means while she can totally get down to the GoGos and Gangnam style she looks like a dilapitated flipflop when it comes to hiphop.  But let's keep that our little secret, k?

Anyway. WIP Website!


I've made earrings for this, but that reveal isn't for a couple of days so for now I'll just share some custom collegiate pairs.

If anyone wants to come over and locate my wire cutters,
I'll give them to you
right after I clip those wraps.


AMC has a Halloween Fest running all day today, 
and by Halloween I mean the actual Halloween movies, 
and by Fest I mean
That. Music.



You're hearing it now too, aren't you?

Sorry about that.


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  1. Hey Girlfriend! Love those red and white polka dots, well, I love all 3 paris but I'm mighty partial to red and polka dots...what's a girl to do? lol!
    Talk at ya' later,