October 8, 2012

Guilty by Association.

Two Weeks:

1.  According to popular theory, the length of time it takes to repeat a behavior daily in order to establish a new habit.

2.  The length of time I have spent crying on a daily basis because SICK.

I think the worst is behind me and that I am mostly better.  I thought that 1 day last week, too....but this time I am right because being wrong twice in one year breaks the rules of Julispeak.

So the last 2 days have been spent out in the heat trying to burn up the last of the fever because there are some seriously demented people in my life and I refuse to be left out of the crazy.  Let's chalk it up to 49% masochist because SCARY and 51% sure I'd rather die quickly from a heart attack than slowly from a fever.

These creatures are hanging around a cemetery.  A cemetery that 3 short days ago was a front yard.  A front yard that the same 3 short days ago was unscary and welcoming and led to floating in the pool in the back yard.  A back yard that I can now only reach by squinching my eyes closed and running through a maze of OH HELL NO.  

He full body crawls


Undead Groom lights up.
And talks.
Rotting flesh Bride doesn't light up.
Or talk.
She just stands there rotting,
holding dead flowers, and
wearing a decapitated head wristlet.

Creepy Marilyn Manson Dude glows
with glowing hands that reach out 
along the path to grab your ankle
while glowing.
He creeped me out the most
until I was editing this picture.
Fom this angle it looks like
he is leaning forward because
Skeletor just bitch slapped him
from behind
and this makes me want to 
buy Skeletor a cheeseburger.

There are fog machines and spiders and skulls and witches and goblins and snakes and body parts and all manor of things that NO.   I'll be sure to share a nighttime video of the horrifying action, and then I'm going to unfollow my own blog.  


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