September 17, 2012

Brain Spillage.

It's been a while since I've written random, and while I've made several mental notes of the crazy to write about those mental notes didn't involve ink or paper or apparently my memory so I guess those stories win at hide and seek.  

So.  Walmart.  K?

Laundry Soap, toothpaste, cat litter, blah blah blah, ink cartridge, bubble wrap, printer paper, yadda yadda...all the stuff you have to buy if you are self employed and would rather not smell like the totally vegan hipsters that travel with Phish and line the entrance to a concert selling all natural this's and thats.

('m an on again off again vegetarian hippy who loves Widespread Panic as much as the next hemp wearing dread having on again off again vegetarian hippy...except without the hemp...or the my aim here is not to offend...but please, for the love of noses everywhere, make the exception and slap on some chemically enhanced deoderant.   Please.)

Anyway.  Walmart.  Stuff you have to have that isn't fun to buy.  I had a cart full of it.  One of my housemates was with me and reminded me that we needed ice trays which is why I found this really cool thing that other lampworkers have talked about for storing stringers but I've never thought to look for because who goes to walmart specifically for ice trays other than my housemate?

I present you with a vision of  happy worth way more than $4.99.



In the last couple of weeks I've had to Unsubscribe to news feeds from a few people on Facebook.  Not because I don't agree with their opinions, but because either 1) their candidate is all they post about all day every day and a girl should never see so many photos or Romney or Obama that they start showing up during her unwaking hours because ew  or 2) Saying "one love" at the beginning of a post in which one then harangues the other half of the population as mindless idiots probably (does) sort of (totally) offend the other half of the population.  It makes me feel a little bit bitchy to unsubscribe, but I then do respect one's right say what he/she wants to say on his/her own wall almost as much as I respect my right to not have to read it.


Little Debbie's Nutty Bars.

I bought a box of 6 three days ago gave one away and have one left and I'm not going to punctuate this sentence with the commas it actually requires because I'm in denial and I think it is going to rain today which is a good thing because I most certainly do not need to be bikini clad and floating in the pool with a belly that now impossibly sticks out so much further than my boobs that when I look in the mirror I'm asking my own reflection when the baby is due.  Basically LDNbars are the Debbil.


I finished up a custom order yesterday.

Today I think I'll waddle on over
to my other creative nook 
and play with some seed beads.

Then maybe tomorrow
I'll join a gym.



  1. Hi Juli,
    Love your ramblings. I agree use deodorant or at least soap. I just skip all political post on face book. Sweetie those Nutty Buddy bars did not do you in you are beautiful even with a pot belly!

  2. You know, there are not many people who can write about vegans, Walmart, elections AND Little Debi bars in one blog post and make it all flow together. Love ya, Juls!

  3. I was such a fan of the Nutty bars that when I retired the girls in the school kitchen gave me a whole box - a big one.

  4. You crack me up... for sake of our friendship... I'll make sure I bring my chemical laden deodorant when I come see you. Promise... ;) And I'll bring a box of Nutty Bars (in case I forget the deodorant, k?)

    1. Whew. I'm exhausted after reading your post. :) Gonna go get me a sugar rush from the Debbil.

  5. that is an excellent use for that ice tray, because it doesn't work AS an ice tray (You have to run so much water over the ice tubes that they are too melty, lol), nice save

  6. It's posts like this that make me follow you.... And your gorgeous beads and that you admit to foodie slips :)