August 12, 2012

Although I probably shouldn't admit that. UPDATED

My "baby" brother is on the other side of 45 today.  He's still a wicked handsome dude, but it is just plain weird that he can be so old while I'm still the same age I was when this picture was taken...ahem...20 years ago.

I sure don't miss those shoulder-muh-pads, but I'm kinda crushing on that bouffant-y spiral perm.



There are 20 years between these pics.  And 20 or so pounds, too~ all of which we gained TODAY after gorging on the Carbfest Mark requested for his birthday dinner.

He joked that the heat of the kitchen left my hair flat.  I refrained from spewing forth the balding retort that bled when I bit my tongue, and that's probably the best present I gave him all day.



  1. I believe in my heart of hearts that you'll only need to wait five more years and that hair style will come back into vogue. I'm sure of it.

  2. Hey you. I love your style and yes your brother is yummie handsome.

  3. WHOO HOOO! Let's hear it for the spiral perms!! I had one in high school (unfortunately - it was a "home perm" my mom gave me...BIG mistake!)

    I think you should make some beads inspired by the spiral perm...

  4. You are two very gorgeous people. You look way better than back then. But you can still stay the same age. I won't tell. ;-)
    Enjoy the day.

  5. I love, love, LOVE the picture side by side! Truly a treasure! So glad you got to carbload and celebrate Mark's birthday with him. What a special bond you two have. ♥

  6. I much prefer the recent photo. You both looks so much better and happier.

    And you could still get a spiral perm ya know.