July 27, 2012

This is just a precursor to dipping cake in Captain Morgan.

I'm having a little birthday get together for a friend tonight, and while it was intended to be a surprise another mutual friend let the cat out of the bag which is perfectly fine because it means I don't have to keep the Vodka loving birthday girl sober until we show up at 9 and that makes me all Squee-ish inside.

I'm loving my torch this week~ and I'm loving me some pink, too.

Please don't tell the turquoise and earth tone sets that are in the kiln.

I can't have them turning all green.

Girlfriends on eBay

Princess Pink on eBay 




  1. Now you are talking my color Juli! I hope you are having a great time at the birthday party!

  2. I've just made something with some of your beautiful pink beads this morning....and thought I'd hop over and see what gorgeousness you've been up to. I LOVE these!!! I'm off to ebay right now!!