July 8, 2012

Juxtaposition Transition

Change is good, right?  Right?

I don't mind telling y'all that the last year of my life is not one for the story books, at least not yet.  I feel as though I've been walking around on my head kicking at the clouds, the left side of my brain locked in a battle with the right in hopes of forcing the white fluff into some semblance of order.  Let me just go ahead and say Yeah.  No.  That isn't quite how it works.  I mean you can of course feel free to do the same as often and with as much fervency as your heart desires, but basically at the end of the day you'll just be standing on your head kicking at the clouds leaving the world to assume that you are related to me.  Expect to hear "Bless your heart" frequently.

It's been a minute since I felt like writing anything here...partly because I've spent the last 2 weeks packing and moving and partly because I've spent the last 2 weeks packing and moving.  If you have not spent the last 2 weeks packing and moving then I'm over here trying not to be jealous of you.

I am going to try not to say the words packing and moving again, except to mention that packing and moving are not nearly as fun as lying on a white sandy beach in Tahiti sipping pina coladas through a straw held to your lips by a speedo wearing Matthew McConaughey.  Yes, I said speedo.  I also said MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY.

The mishaps of the last two weeks are funny, y'all, in an ohmerkawd that shit ain't funny until it's funny kind of way.  I'll get around to the details, but for now let's all laugh at the fact that I just went from 1200 sq ft to 580 sq ft, and I LIKE IT.  

I discovered a few buried beads while emptying out my freezer last week, (awesomely cool beads that refuse to come off the mandrel out of the kiln can sometimes be loosened by spending time in the freezer), and instead of chunking them into the trash with all of the other stuff I was too exhausted to care about I hunted down my pliers and SWOOOOSH I had 3 awesomely cool mandrel-free beads in my hand.

I was kind of struck by the whole thing.  The lighter my load has been becoming, the freer I've felt.  It seems the beads agree.

So yeah,
Change IS good,
and if you are so inclined
these beauties
can be liberated



  1. from 1200 sq ft to 580 sq ft, and I LIKE IT... whew, I'm going to sit and ponder that a while. BTW - awesome freezer beads! ~~T

  2. Glad you were able to release these. They are so worth it.

  3. Hi Juli, You have been in my thoughts lately glad you are making it through to the other side. Those are gorgeous beads and I am so glad that you did not toss them out, but instead freed them from their bondage, so they can go on to being someone else's beautiful beads.

  4. Hi Hon~
    Had to have Freeform! and a few others... because I am obsessed with your beads.
    I am so happy you are moving FORWARD!
    I also DO NOT like to move, except that I am really ready to move somewhere warmer,NOW. But it with be a couple more years.
    I was this /\ close to talking hubs into your folk's motorhome;~)
    I TRIED!☺

  5. your changes are an inspiration, you know that right?

  6. I adore your posts! We have been packing and moving for 4 weeks from 3800 to 1100 sq ft and for the first two weeks it was fun in the release, not of beads in the freezer but in too much stuff.....and the last two weeks has been like cramming everything we own into a boa constrictor....: ) Bless you in your journey. I don't know about you, but I am finding less physical stuff means the dusting going on now is to clear my head, not my space. Love those beads too!