July 10, 2012

If you aren't already craving a Reese's cup the size of my head you will be after you read this.

Back in the 90s my ex and I came this close to buying a newly designed loft apartment in downtown Houston.  I've always loved open floor plans~ give me a giant room in which to twirl between areas and twirl I will.  Fast forward a few or 15 years and I find myself living in just such a space~ a wide open 580 sq ft room in a gigantic house shared by 7 other people~ each with their own private spaces.  Because the kitchen and baths are communal I don't think I would have entered such a situation with strangers, but having known these folks for half my life made the decision easier.

My 2 living areas are for the most part comfy and settled, but  I'm kind of stuck on getting my work spaces in order until I get my ventilation in and can set up torch shop so for now I'm still stepping over boxes and bins which you should read as "OUCH!" because by stepping I really mean tripping.

Here's a 360 view for those who have asked, and because I am still unpacking from moving I shall not apologize for the messes.

Torch Space

Super Cozy Den

Beading Nook

Fireplace/Open area

Kitchenette into Sleeping Space


Home Sweet Home

I've already learned so much about this whole cohabitation thing and I have to admit it is nice having people around when I feel like socializing.  Except for this morning when I passed one of them in the hall and he said "I figured you were awake when I heard the elephant in your room eating pizza and saying 'REALLY!?'"  ...and y'all should read that as alone in my room I blew my nose, had leftover pizza for breakfast, and then expressed my frustration out loud over the fact that my backspace button popped off my keyboard and still refuses to go back on.

I'm not sure which of those is most embarrassing, so I'm going to stop typing now and trust you'll find yourselves distracted by something shiny.

These sets from my private stash are on SUPER SALE for $22, with FREE SHIPPING. 

Go git ewe wun!


  1. Very cool space. Does this mean that you have moved to Oregon?

  2. Such an organized space! I only have 300 more sq. feet but not nearly as functional. Enjoy your new home, elephant ears and all.

  3. you can try to distract us with the pretties but some of us are still giggling about the elephant/pizza story!!

  4. Your living arrangements sound interesting. Your space looks very cool - but - like Penny says, "Where exactly are you now"?

  5. WOW what a space! I am actually happy to know that you are not living all alone. I worry bout you ya know!

  6. I feel your creativity just getting juicier in your new space dear friend! Love how simplifying opens the heart space and allows the creativity to flow out! Look forward to connecting soon... text me when you're free! Hope your sleeps are restful until we can catch up! xo