June 17, 2012

Destashing some awesome.

Ok y'all.  I'm back on the downsize horse which means some of the treasure I've been holding on to the hardest gotztago.

I've got a metric ton of crystal beads and with Lori's Bead Soup Partay just around the corner I've put together a few bead soup mixes of super sparkly deliciousness.  The photos absolutely do not capture the beauty of these beads.

Like this Ciara collection~

And this Soft Earthtone Collection~

And this Metallix Blue and Purple Collection~

I'm also downsizing my Studio and show displays so I am offering 2 of my Vintage industrial glove molds.  These are fantastic points of interest and conversational pieces at shows that work well to draw attention to the jewels.  Score!

I use my Thermal Laminator for everything~  post cards, protecting signs I use at shows, creating artwork photos that hang from my tent and in my studio...the possibilities are endless for a self representing artist.  I snagged an extra when I bought mine, and since mine has been nothing but awesome I don't see the point in holding on to another.  NEW IN BOX, UNOPENED!

You will find all of these goodies in my shop


Priced WAAAY Below Retail,
and also pretty much way below what I paid.
You're welcome.  


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  1. Wow - I just happened upon this post and those blues and purples jumped out! My sister has asked me to make a 'mother of the groom' necklace & earrings to match her dress and these are looking like just the ticket! Thanks... my order is in :) ~~T