June 7, 2012

And that is why I don't eat breakfast.

Once upon a time when I actually had time, I played with seed beads every day.  A few bead paintings were born and I've been itching to bring to life a few visions floating around in my head.  To that end I created a few glassies to be used in one of them (more on that later), and the design was so lovely I made a couple of sets to share with y'all.

Afterward I decided to prevent any potential monotony by playing around with mixing up my own color cane~ A cane that came out totally GraygrayEWgray.  I'm not one to waste art supplies, so I figured I'd just salvage it with some black and ivory.  See those cool base color striations and center defining line on that middle set?  Yeah.  I'll be doing that again.  And again after that.

By then the storm was moving in so I wrapped up my day with a Bird.  Those colors brought the party, but it seems he drank all the tequila on the way...and as my mama used to say when one of us broke something because we were goofing off~  "I can't have nothin'!"

Good thing he's cute.


I get up around 6 am every single day Put That In Your Bible and Write a Gospel Song
because Sheba and Chelsea make me.  It doesn't matter that I stayed up til almost 2:30am watching True Blood because "That is not our problem, mom.  Get Food."
For some reason this morning I also woke up hungry
(which very rarely happens)
so I put a piece of pizza in the oven
and then got busy doing my morning stuff
and forgot all about it
and it got all burnt
and even that fork couldn't cut through it.



1 comment:

  1. They came out so pretty!

    That's why I never, NEVER throw anything away. I actually have a bag labelled "misfits" because I know that one day there will be a piece of something that I'll need and it will be in there. Whenever I throw something out, I always regret it.

    Next, TRUE BLOOD? New episode tonight!!! Yahoo! Mission is to watch the four episodes sitting on my DVR by then!

    And the pizza...yuck. LOL!