May 22, 2012

I totally cleaned 100+ Beads this morning.

Which means I totally deserve the giant slice of pizzeria pizza I am about to go get for lunch, right after I drop off this custom Cross Jewelry Set.


I've listed some Wholesale Priced bead pairs in sets of 5 for $22.
Quanitites of each are very limited, and you'll want to go take a peek~
the color groupings are fantastic for use together or 
as individual earring pairs.

If I do say so myself.



  1. Hi Juli,
    I just could not help myself I just bought some of these pretties and a cross.

  2. LOOOOVE that ribbon with that cross bead set. It looks fantastic! And yes, you definitely deserve some pizza after all that cleaning work.


  3. I'm with Therese. I'm NEED some of these. Do you think you'd just like to send them in retribution for whupping my butt in Words with Friends??? No? Okay. I'll order when no one can see me do it. heehee