December 7, 2011

New Hearts

I'm staring at this blank window in which to type words, but I find myself oddly at a loss today. 

Speechless: (n)  That thing that never happens in Julsland except when it does....and then it is usually because I have a large piece of chocolate shoved into my face making it impossible to speak. 

I'm off to find a large piece of chocolate to shove into my face before I sit here and exacerbate writer's block, k?

With Love ~



  1. Oh, I'm so adoring that pile 'a hearts!! Especially the red/white one. Loveness, that's what you give!!!

  2. It gave me ideas and I love your web page (Blog) You are my favorite artist when it comes to bead work. I have never gotten anything in the mail as beautiful as what you make and I have tried because I would love to be able to hold it and look at it. But I will continue to make the beads I do and be happy with them. Thank you for being so creative.

  3. Love LOVE!!! Those hearts are just gawjous!!!