December 29, 2011

I'm not sure where Monday went, but Tuesday and Wednesday must have gone looking for it.

It's Thursday, y'all.  Like...already halfway through Thursday.  Which means I only have 4 days and a wake up before I slap my mouth with half a xanax and get on an itty bitty plane for my hop to Atlanta, where I'll keep the other half of that xanax handy in case TSA makes me want to swallow it, too.

It also means there is only 1 day left in my Year End Clearance which I added 4 new Mega Blowout listings this morning. 

These are already super reduced in price, and with the added 25% discount they're practically FREE.

I thought with Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party sign ups also starting in a few short days it would be neat to offer a few collections.  Ya know... 1 for you...1 for your soup...1 for you.

Math.  It's like sharing.  Only better.

I'm out of time, y'all, and after tomorrow so is the sale.    Thanks for the great response, awesome saucies~ everything thus far is shipping today and all purchases made by midnight tomorrow will ship Saturday.


Can I just say that I love y'all?  Yes, You.  And You.  And especially you standing in the corner over there.  Let's all go to lunch some time.

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  1. Hey, I would love to go to lunch!! But you're going to be out of town! Have a great trip to Oregon. Beautiful beads up there!