November 2, 2011

Some Custom Jewelry and the answer to the burning question on everyone's mind. Ok, maybe not everyone.


These are custom jewelry sets for a local lovely.
Who knew Brown on Brown on Brown would be so gorgeous?
Christie.  That's who.

Bama Girl~




If you are unfamiliar with the game Angry Birds or have never played it, move along.
There is nothing here of interest to you.

SERIOUSLY.  Do not go investigate Angry Birds because I mentioned Angry Birds.
Angry Birds is an evil time sucking game that is only slightly more fun than it is addicting.

For those of you who have already been sucked in by the Angry Birds,
have you ever wondered why the birds are so angry?

Curiosity sated.



  1. ROFL! Juls you crack me up! And those sets are stunning! <3

  2. Hi Juls, Love Terra and Bama Girl. I have only played Angry Birds once, but now I know why they are sooo angry, thanks.

  3. LMAO Girlie! Oh brown on brown ummm you have seen chocolate chip cookies right? YUMMY!

    Angry Birds oi! well lets just leave it at that!

  4. angry birds drive me crazy......but I never knew until today why they were angry......thanks for the brown on brown on brown, very nice!