October 2, 2011

Y'all KNOW I had to play too!

Love My Art Jewelry is having a one day cyber sale ~ and I couldn't resist the opportunity to party with so many wickedly talented artisans. 

(even though I totally forgot about it until this morning.)   (Because forgetting is the new black!)  (That is going to catch on if I keep saying it, right?)  (I don't guess it matters though, because chances are I'll forget by then that I said it and won't know who to quote when I repeat it)


Today (SUNDAY) only take 15% off everything at StudioJuls!   Use coupon code TREASURE at check out.

For a list of all participating shops go take a peek HERE.

If you are like me and don't like to be told what to do, let me just say that if you ignore my instructions and don't go take a peek THERE then you will never know about the giant prize package that 1of you is going to win~ including a $15 gift certificate for StudioJuls.   

For many of us participating in this sale, our art and these shops are our livelihood.  They are how we pay the mortgage and that guy Bill who shows up every month with both hands out. 

So I want to thank y'all ~ YOU, yOu, and EwE too ~ for supporting handmade, for creating and sharing your own beauty with the world...for being here right now to read these words.  You rock my world.



  1. So I'm a day late... however, I will say, Forgetting IS most definitely the new black... for whomever said it! LOL

  2. Okay, for the record... I just realized today is still Oct. 2nd. LOL I'm a dope... anyhoo, I was just scheduling some tweets and things so my brain was already onto tomorrow. So I'm NOT a day late and will be jammin you some PR for support! xo

  3. Hi Juls,can i join the forgeting club..i always forget things especially where i put my reading glasses and i have 6 pairs one time i had 3 pairs on my head and i was looking for a pair. Jack just kept staring at the top of my head.:P
    have a great Sunday ttfn Lana :)

  4. So, is this whole "forgetting thing" part of the collection of booby prizes you get for turning 40...I mean the NEW 30?! If so, I'd like to give it back...lol

    And you have got some seriously rad stuff in StudioJuls...but I am on a self-imposed no more spending spree...damned bills!